A Guide to Break the Summer Boredom

A Guide to Break the Summer Boredom

A Guide to Break the Summer Boredom

School is out. The weather’s hot. Fun is in the air. It’s Summer Break!

As the days and weeks pass by, eventually, the fun slows down and the monotony sets in. If you’ve heard your kiddo utter the words, “I’m bored”, you are not alone. Here are some low-cost, high-fun ideas to keep the snooze-fest at bay.

Un-bored Board Games

There are many reasons why board games are a beloved favorite in households, schools, and libraries. With a quick unboxing, you have from 15 minutes to a couple of hours of play (depending on which game you choose). With a little imagination, kids can even create their own! Board games can:

  • Encourage teamwork or healthy competition
  • Build problem-solving skills
  • Be played almost anywhere, rain or shine
  • Promote quality time

Shhh! It’s Educational!

School may not be in session, but that doesn’t mean learning has to screech to a halt. Keep it fun while the kids explore the world around them. Science, math, art, and more can work together to help make this the best summer ever!

  • Use a magnifying glass to observe insects, flowers, and nature’s other inhabitants
  • Navigate the park with a compass, map, or a parent’s phone
  • DIY easy science experiments (ONLY with a trusted adult present)
  • Take trips to your local library – a lot!

Keep It Old School

Tried and true ideas stick around because they work! There’s nothing wrong with opting for traditional, non-fancy, or classic entertainment because it is still FUN!

  • Bike rides are a great exercise and can get the sillies out
  • Walk your neighborhood as a family or with your pets
  • Fish at the local pond or lakes
  • Dust off the chalk and create sidewalk art until the next rainstorm

The Waterworks

What is summer without the water? If you have community or neighborhood pools, or local waterparks your family likes to frequent, that’s awesome. Here are some ideas where you don’t even need to leave home.

  • Grab an inexpensive pool for water, bubbles, or plastic balls
  • Use a kid-safe water sprinkler or a splash pad
  • Cool off with a water balloon fight
  • Beat the heat with water blasters

Find the Fun

This summer, you don’t have to spend a lot to have a lot of fun. Whether you add in some board games, try cool educational experiments, use classic ideas, or make a splash with waterplay, you can break the boredom and not break the bank.