How to Plan Your Affordable Vacation

How to Plan Your Affordable Vacation

How to Plan Your Affordable Vacation

A break from work or the everyday hustle is always a welcomed suggestion. Finding time for a getaway is one thing and paying for it can be quite another. Vacations don’t have to take your wallet for a financial plunge. Here are five ideas for your next vacay that won’t break the bank!

The B Word – Budget

But first … I’m just going to sneak this budget topic in really quick. Sure, we’re looking for wallet-friendly options, but it does help to have a lil’ jiggle-jangle to work with, too. So, if you have some time before you want to set sail to Relaxation-ville, check out some budgeting tips. There are tons of budget templates online, you can open a vacation-specific savings account or even keep a change jar for a future trip. There are several ways to help make your holiday a reality!

1. Discover Your City

How much do you really know about the town, city, or state you live in? This is a low-cost opportunity to see what it all has to offer.

  • Parks, libraries, and farmers’ markets are free to explore.
  • Hiking, biking, or walking around points of interest is entertaining and healthy!
  • Some museums offer free visits or discounts.
  • Even window-shopping mom-and-pop shops or local boutiques can be a blast.

2. Road Trip with a Group

Need a bit more of an adventure? Travel in a group! Gather friends for a trip that will surely be full of memories.

  • Split the cost of gas fill-ups.
  • Divvy up lodging and groceries.
  • Take turns driving.
  • Someone is always free to make social media posts.

3. Camping

A classic for the ages, camping is a go-to money-saving vacation. I’m talking camping, not glamping. No decked-out RV’s or air conditioning on this trip. Tent sleeping and campfire smoking await!

  • Borrow a tent, sleeping bag, or portable stove.
  • Invite friends who can help with essentials.
  • Shop smart during sales or at low-price stores.
  • Food plan so you don’t need to do take-away.

4. Off-season deals

If you want a more significant change of pace, a little online research can be a big win! Tons of travel sites can help you find a vacation to suit your urge for a suite.

  • Explore several sites for the best prices.
  • Set your device to Incognito to avoid site tracking.
  • Be flexible with timing.
  • Bundle items for the best buy.

5. Staycation

There’s no place like home. Chilling out at your place has its benefits. No packing, no stressful travel, and you can sleep in your bed. Make this vacation your own.

  • Buy a personal pool or a water play device for your hose.
  • Gather yard games (or any games) to enjoy with the family.
  • Grill out or do a potluck.
  • Chalk, bubbles, or water paints are fun for all!

Vacation Reality

A vacation doesn’t need to be expensive or a faraway destination to be fantastic. With some creativity, budgeting, and a few friends, you can make your affordable vacation one of your favorites.