3 Ways to Survive the Holiday Hoopla

3 Ways to Survive the Holiday Hoopla

3 Ways to Survive the Holiday Hoopla

Every year, the holidays seem to sneak up on us no matter how hard we try to plan. From financial budgets to food babies, this season can easily turn us upside down. It helps to have a grounded friend, family member, or even cuddly pet you can use as a holiday-stress sounding board. But, as we know, the excitement, celebrations, and memories are surely worth the hijinks.

Here are some ideas to help you survive your holiday.

The Decorations

Jump on social media and you’ll be inundated with Pinterest boards, Instagram reels, and YouTube tutorials with the latest ways to spruce up your home with holiday spice. Be it Dollar Tree crafts or Christmas trees gone viral, you can get exhausted with all the merry potential.

Though these ideas are cute, you do not have to buy into the fuss. If you like to keep a clutter-free home, don’t have the means to buy the super-extra décor, or just like using what you already have, there’s nothing wrong with that! You celebrate with as little or as much holiday pizzazz as suits you and your family.

The Visitors

Will you be hosting friends and family this year, or will you be the guest? It’s a wonderful thing to be welcomed into someone’s home to celebrate or, on the flip side, to be able to host some of your favorite (or not-so-favorite) people.

To try to keep the chaos to a minimum, boundaries may be discussed before bags are packed. Think about bedtimes, sleeping arrangements, and who will supply food, drinks, and toiletries – not necessarily in that order. The big takeaway is respecting each other’s space. But if no one can keep the peace, there are always hotels.

The Shopping

And what would the holidays be without the cha-ching of buying presents for the ones you love? It’s fun to find the “perfect gifts” for the people who help us shine throughout the year, but the receipts can easily stack up, and fast!

Though it’s an oldie, it’s still a goodie. Make yourself a holiday budget. You can plan your budget right now or start next January! Set aside a little each month to create a nest egg for holiday purchases. Stay in the know on sales and take advantage of Black Friday deals. But remember, the relationships you have with your people are more important than any material gift you could buy.

It’ll Be January Before You Know It!

The holidays are different for everyone. Happy, stressful, lonely, chaotic, bursting with joy, or maybe all these feelings depending on the day. But the season won’t last forever, and it’ll be a new year in a matter of days. So, enjoy what you can, decorate how you want, respectfully visit where you will, and shop ‘til you drop (on a budget).