Meet the Winners of Our 2023 Lending a Hand Giveaway

Meet the Winners of Our 2023 Lending a Hand Giveaway

When it comes to helping our neighbors, the entire Heights Family of Brands is glad to be there for those in need. We believe in the power of our local community and we lend a hand because we want to build up the places where we live and work. Just like a ripple in water, the impact of love is felt throughout our communities and beyond. Through acts of kindness, we all become a little bit stronger. Through acts of charity, the world becomes that much better. Through acts of giving, we make the future brighter and the present richer. That is why our Lending a Hand initiative exists, to give back to our communities through volunteering and donations. 

In December, our Lending a Hand initiative hosted a charity giveaway. The premise was simple. All people had to do was fill out an easy form to enter and then we would select five winners to receive $500 for their chosen charity. These five winners would be selected randomly. 

Well, the time has come to reveal the five winners of our giveaway. Heights is extremely pleased to lend them and their charities a hand this year and we know these folks will put that $500 to good use. So, without further adieu, our winners and their chosen charities are:

Sarina – The Greater Houston Church

Melissa – St. Jude’s

Monesha – Anderson Cavaliers

Brenda – The Salvation Army Thrift Store Jefferson City, Missouri

Tammy – Crohn’s disease research

We’d like to extend a hearty congratulations to each winner. We’re glad to help you build up your communities even in some small way. Because every day, folks like you are changing the places where you work and live, which ends up making the world a better, brighter and kinder place. And for that, the Heights Family of Brands thanks you for your truly inspiring dedication and passion.