New Manager Onboarding Debuts at Heights Finance

Since inception, Heights Finance has recognized that the single greatest asset to our organization is our team. With that in mind, a new training initiative was piloted this July; the New Manager Onboarding Program was hosted at Home Office in Peoria, IL. Six new managers, three that are new to the organization and three that have been promoted internally, brought their enthusiasm to this 2 Day training session designed to create a successful work atmosphere.

So what does that look like? At a high level, the activities involved in the Onboarding Program work toward achieving several goals:
  • Providing Support providing team members with the knowledge and tools they require to do their job. Whether its interpreting an operational report or reviewing corporate policies, new managers are quickly and effectively equipped with the resources to handle many operational situations.
  • Building Relationships establishing a network of colleagues with whom a team member can interact, share ideas, and ask questions helps create positive connections within our branch network.
  • Engaging in Our Culture For so many, our culture based in our norms and values, was a key factor in making the decision to join the Heights Finance team. The Onboarding Program demonstrates how that culture integrates into our business practices and how we communicate with each other.
Combining the talent and enthusiasm of our newest managers with these powerful objectives, great information and a dash of comradery, is what we believe to be the recipe for a memorable event, and a successful future at Heights Finance.

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